Mapping launched in six additional wards of Dar es Salaam

@AndrewGwantwa explains how GPS works to community members at the Mabibo Community Forum PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria As part of our continuing work to map Dar es Salaam, Ramani Huria began mapping an additional six wards of the city: Makumbusho; Makurumla; Mabibo; Mburahati; Msasani; and Keko A community forum in Msasani Ward PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria The mapping was launched with community forums in each of the wards on July 13-14th. The forums drew together community members from the respective wards and students who have been assigned to work with the community and…Read more

Community Mapping Showcased to the President Jakaya Kikwete

Daud Fufuji (World Bank) presents community mapping to President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete PHOTO CREDIT: World Bank  The Fourth Tanzanian Annual National Science, Technology and Innovation Conference took place recently in Dar es Salaam from 17th-19th of June. The conference presented the opportunity to showcase Ramani Huria and community mapping in Dar es Salaam to the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Jakaya Kikwete. Daud Fufuji, Open Data Consultant with the World Bank’s Tanzania Office, presented mapping activities to the President, as well as key officials from the…Read more

Ramani Huria Trains 150 Students in OpenStreetMap Tools

PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria Following the community mapping  for flood resilience scale up workshop that took place on Monday 6th July, 2015 many students in attendance were inspired and motivated to join the Ramani Huria project, using maps to help reduce the effects of yearly seasonal floods. Ramani Huria signed up one hundred fifty students for training in mapping, including final year students from University of Dar es Salaam and internship students from Ardhi University. Example of JOSM in use. PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria The students who signed up following the workshop participated…Read more

Community Mapping has a Long-lasting Impact in Tandale

Ward Executive Officer for Tandale Mr Osiligi Lossai CREDIT: Ramani Huria The ward of Tandale was one of the first wards in Dar es Salaam to benefit from community mapping and be comprehensively mapped on OpenStreetMap.  Ramani Huria recently spoke to Ward Executive Officer for Tandale Mr Osiligi Lossai about how they are using the data and maps provided to the ward following the completion of mapping. Map of Tandale created through community mapping: download here CREDIT: Ramani Huria  Dar es Salaam experienced a rare cholera outbreak in August 2015, and it is…Read more

Scale Up Workshop – 6th July 2015

Attendees at the Scale-Up Workshop gather outside Nkrumah Hall. PHOTO CREDIT: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team The Dar Ramani Huria Scale Up Workshop took place at Nkrumah Hall, University of Dar es Salaam, on Monday 6th of July. Over the next three months, the Ramani Huria project ‘Community Mapping for Flood Resilience’ will be building on previous work and expanding mapping of additional wards across Dar es Salaam. The scale-up will be lead by a group of fifteen students who have been trained by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and previously worked with community members…Read more

Community Mapping can greatly contribute to the development of Dar es Salaam

Mchikichini ward community member Mr Monday Antony CREDIT: Ramani Huria Mr. Monday Antony is a 66-year-old Tanzanian, living in Mchikichini ward, Ilala District, Dar es Salaam. He participated in “Community Mapping for Flood Resilience”, and talked to Steven Bukulu (mapping supervisor for Ramani Huria) about the flooding in many areas of Dar es Salaam. “The population has decreased in the low altitude areas since the last tragic incident of floods that happened in 2013, which got all houses submerged in water. Due to the loss and damage of property, many of these people…Read more

Closing Community Forum in Tandale Ward

Mapping activities in Tandale were wrapped up at the Community Forum at the ward office on May 29th, 2015. In Tandale, five weeks of mapping work have been performed by community members of this ward and Ardhi University students, from April 21st 2015 until May 22nd. The Community forum officially delivered the maps of Tandale. Ward officials were presented with maps of the roads, buildings and drainage network. Two media outlets were present to cover the event, The Guardian News Paper and the television station Channel Ten. Opening remarks were made by one…Read more

How To: Make a Slippy Map

In a new series of ‘How To’ blog posts, the Ramani Huria team explains some of the great tools and tech we use in our mapping process. This post will introduce you to Slippy Maps and the process we used to create the Ramani Huria Slippy Map using Mapbox Studio software. By the end of the post, you will be able to create your own Slippy Maps! The term Slippy Map, in general, refers to web maps which let you zoom and pan around (the map slips around when you drag the mouse)…Read more

Mapping Tabata Ward

Ramani Huria began mapping Tabata ward on 7th October and completed mapping on 6th November 2015. Tabata is an administrative ward in Ilala district in western Dar Es Salaam and according to the 2012 census has a population of 46,228. Tabata ward before mapping began SOURCE: OpenStreetMap apping was launched in the ward with an opening community forum, taking place at the ward office, and attendance included: Tabata Ward Executive Officer (WEO); eight Mtaa Executive Officers (MEOs), five Mtaa chairmen; eight community members; and representatives from the Ramani Huria team. An opening community…Read more