Mapping period:September 11th until October 9th 2015
Surface area:4.48 km2
Flood prone area:1.22 km2 (27%)
Population (2012 census):106,946
Total number of buildings:15,080
Buildings at risk of flooding:5,321, of which 26 are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:The northern boundary of Vingunguti is formed by the Msimbazi river valley. Most residential buildings along the river valley are affected by flooding, while Majengo, Kombo and Mji Mpya subwards are especially vulnerable. The reasons are much the same as for Tabata; a decrease in river depth due to human economic activities has led to an increase of river width, causing the river valley to lose holding capacity of water. To prevent damage, local residents of Vingunguti have engaged in  initiatives to clean the river valley.In addition to the areas affected by the Msimbazi river,  buildings around the railway line that passes through Mtakuja, Mtambani and Faru subwards are often exposed to flooding. This is mainly due to the fact that the drainage channel constructed along the line does not connect to a main outlet, causing it to overflow into residential properties and businesses.