Mapping period:September 11th until October 9th 2015
Surface area:1.91 km2
Flood prone area:0.92 km2 (48%)
Population (2012 census):57,613
Total number of buildings:8,869
School and hospital buildings:4 school buildings/ hospital building
Buildings at risk of flooding:4,450, of which are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:Kigogo is surrounded by river valleys on both sides. Historically, Kigogo was not terribly affected by floods, but flood prone areas are currently expanding at an alarming rate. When Ramani Huria conducted the opening community forum, one of member of the Kigogo community attested to this, stating that he had been living in the area since the 1960s without being affected by flooding like the ward is nowadays. Residents are developing settlements alongside the river valleys where they are throwing solid waste into waterways, leading to blockages and depth reduction. A lack of drainage channels to transport water away from the settlement also contributes to Kigogo’s flood risk during the rainy seasons, exhibiting a growing need for attention to preventative infrastructure.