Mapping period:August 17th until September 10th 2015
Surface area:1.85 km2
Flood prone area:0.57 km2 (31%)
Population (2012 census):37,115
Total number of buildings:6,528
Buildings at risk of flooding:1,272, of which is a school building.
Description and recommendations:With its  southwestern boundary formed by the river Ng’ombe and its southern and southeastern parts bordering on the Msimbazi river, Hananasif is badly affected by floodwaters. Large parts of Kawawa and Hananasif subwards are affected by the river Ng’ombe, before it connects to the Msimbazi river. Additionally, most buildings and other forms of infrastructure are constantly at risk of flooding due to water draining from Tandale, Makumbusho, Ndugumbi, Magomeni and Mwananyamala wards.Both the Mkunguni A and Mkunguni B subwards are adjacent to the Msimbazi river valley, one of the biggest rivers in Dar es Salaam that carries water from Kisarawe to the Indian Ocean, passing through Vingunguti, Tabata, Kigogo, Buguruni, Mchikichini, and many other wards on its way. Therefore, the lower grounds of Mkunguni A and Mkunguni B are heavily affected by strong water flowing into the Indian Ocean. Because the ward is near the ocean mouth with a mangrove forest, waste materials carried downstream from other places tend to get caught in the mangrove trees, effectively blocking water flow. The blocked water then flows back into Mkunguni A and B, causing further damage.