Mapping period:October 8th until November 6th 2015
Surface area:10.17 km2
Flood prone area:0.58 km2 (6%)
Population (2012 census):56,015
Total number of buildings:9,282
Buildings at risk of flooding:1,102, of which 12 are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:Most of subwards in Ubungo (except for Chuo Kikuu) suffer from the same issue: a lack of infrastructure. This is largely evidenced by the limited and often ineffective drainage systems. The few drains that are there are incapable of redirecting large quantities of water, demonstrated recently, in May 2016. after two consecutive continuous days of rainfall.Ubungo’s growing population has led to an increase in demand for housing and for business areas. Subsequently, citizens have constructed buildings on top of waterways, leading to the blockage of storm water drains and the overflowing of stormwater during heavy rains. Another cause of flooding in Ubungo is poor solid waste management, resulting in more blockage within the drainage system.