Mapping period:March 29th until April 28th 2015
Surface area:1.34 km2
Flood prone area:0.18 km2 (13%)
Population (2012 census):36,841
Total number of buildings:5,242
School and hospital buildings:0
Buildings at risk of flooding:1,137, of which none are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:Ndugumbi’s southern border is formed by Morogoro road, alongside which large drains have been constructed. More roadside drains are present in the western parts of the ward, but these lack capacity to transport enough water during the rainy season.In the north of Ndugumbi, the Ng’ombe river separates the ward from Tandale. This river affects both wards. In Ndugumbi, Vigaeni, Mikoroshini and Makanya subwards are exceptionally affected by flooding, putting both residential and commercial properties at risk of damage . The portions of the ward that require more attention in regard to flood prevention are on lower grounds, while areas on higher grounds  (like those along Morogoro Road) are minimally affected.