Mapping period:October 7th until November 6th 2015
Surface area:4.49 km2
Flood prone area:0.82 km2 (18%)
Population (2012 census):74,742
Total number of buildings:11,485
Buildings at risk of flooding:2,324, of which are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:With the Msimbazi river valley located to the south of Tabata, parts of the ward, especially Msimbazi Magharibi, Msimbazi Mama, Mtambani, Matumbi and Mandela subwards, are affected by floods. Most residential buildings along and within the valley are exceptionally vulnerable to the point that some have been abandoned by their owners. A decrease in the river depth has caused the river to expand in width, putting most buildings along its valley at risk. This has been direct result of  local residents engaging in economic activities within the river valley, such as urban agriculture and sand mining for construction purposes.Kisiwani subward in northern  Tabata is also impacted. Two river streams that run along the boundaries of the subward cause flooding of  residential buildings and further extend damaging effects to Tabata and Tenge subwards. The shallow depth of the streams appears to be responsible for said flooding, making them incapable of holding large amounts of water.