Mapping period:November 12th until November 27th 2015
Surface area:2.02 km2
Flood prone area:0.91 km2 (45%)
Population (2012 census):31,083
Total number of buildings:4,544
Buildings at risk of flooding:2,513, of which 38 are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:Much of Ilala ward is flat terrain, and, although it is largely planned and surveyed, it lacks basic infrastructure such as drainage systems, causing it to flood easily. The existing drainage channels do not seem to function well; instead of directing water away from the settlement, they are acting like holding ponds that receive and keep water in the area. Additionally, there is no connection between the main water body, like the Msimbazi river, and the few drains that do exist – save for one connection between the large drain in Mafuriko subward on the boundary between Ilala and Buguruni. This results in significant flooding of all minor channels. It is recommended to regularly clean the existing drainage systems and to further expand all drainage infrastructure to make sure there is a complete water network from the settlement to the Msimbazi river.