Mapping period:June 15th until July 1st 2015
Surface area:1.71 km2
Flood prone area:0.84 km2 (49%)
Population (2012 census):25,510
Total number of buildings:3,551
Buildings at risk of flooding:1,374, of which are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:Mchikichini is an administrative ward in Ilala district in southwestern Dar Es Salaam. Mchikichini has both planned and unplanned settlement, commercial businesses: like Karume market that has over 100 traders. Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) and The Tanzania Breweries Limited that both employ a big number of people that live in these flood prone areas. The same people are affected by floods yearly both directly and indirectly including loss and damage of property.Mchikichini is badly affected by flooding, with half the area being subject to floods due largely to the presence of the Msimbazi river valley. Of the three subwards (Misheni Kota, Ilala Kota and Msimbazi Bondeni), most detrimental effects are felt within Msimbazi Bondeni subward. This is because most buildings are constructed on lower grounds (valley of the river), hence making them vulnerable to flooding.Compared to Msimbazi Bondeni, Misheni Kota and Ilala Kota are less affected because they are located on higher grounds, better safeguarding them from the consequences of heavy rainfall.

This ward was mapped by Dar Ramani Huria over the course of 7 days this spring with the help of 12 community members and 15 students from Arhdi University who were eager to get involved in the cause and contribute to the data collection.