Mapping period:August 17th until September 10th 2015
Surface area:2.52 km2
Flood prone area:0.57 km2 (23%)
Population (2012 census):50,560
Total number of buildings:9,914
Buildings at risk of flooding:2,863, of which 21 are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:In the northern part of Mwananyamala by the Bwawani subward lies a flood prone area that holds water. The common floods here detrimentally affect the many buildings of Bwawani, most of which are residential.The same occurs in the central part of the ward.With an absence of drainage channels that can remove water from the area, the water here remains stagnant, affecting the majority of the residential buildings around it and forming a vector for disease.In the southern part of the ward, where Mwinjuma subward is located, the river Ng’ombe often overflows into homes and other buildings in the area when it rains due to its shallow depth.