Mapping period:July 13th until August 11th 2015
Surface area:1.76 km2
Flood prone area:0.61 km2 (35%)
Population (2012 census):68,093
Total number of buildings:7,848
Buildings at risk of flooding:3,034, of which 19 are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:With two rivers forming its western and southern boundaries, Makumbusho is heavily affected by flooding. A stream in the western part of the ward that flows from Kijitonyama to the Ng’ombe river in the south exposes Mbuyuni subward to major flood risk.The Ng’ombe river additionally passes along the boundaries of Sindano, Kisiwani and Mchangani subwards, guaranteeing impact upon residential buildings along the river banks during the rainy season.A central part of the ward around Kisiwani Primary School is also affected by flooding. A lack of roadside drainage within this area leads to an accumulation of rainwater (and water originating from broken water pipes) without any means of flowing out. This puts many buildings at risk of major damage.