Mapping period:July 13th until August 11th 2015
Surface area:11.59 km2
Flood prone area:1.07 km2 (9%)
Population (2012 census):48,920
Total number of buildings:8,020
Buildings at risk of flooding:2,578, of which 27 are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:A large portion of Msasani is composed of upmarket housing, which is on slightly higher ground and largely unaffected by flooding. However, much of the western Bonde la Mpunga subward is affected by flooding.The name “Bonde la Mpunga” implicates this as well, as it translates to “valley for rice cultivation”. The combination of construction along natural drains, spread of inorganic solid waste in water streams (due to inadequate solid waste collection), and a lack of proper drainage channels capable of draining a large volume of water from the settlement together form a critical problem here. Expansion of the drainage system within this area, as well as proper solid waste management and regular drain cleaning, will reduce the impact of floods on this particular settlement.