Mapping period:July 20th until August 12th 2015
Surface area:1.48 km2
Flood prone area:0.25 km2 (17%)
Population (2012 census):35,163
Total number of buildings:4,575
Buildings at risk of flooding:961, of which none are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:The stream that drains and cuts across Keko from Nyerere Road in the north to Miburani ward in the south causes most of the buildings along it to be detrimentally affected by flooding, largely due to obstructions within the stream. Buildings constructed along the stream and dumped waste materials have caused further changes in the stream’s, forcing it to overflow during the rainy seasons.The same applies to the stream and flood prone area in the eastern part of the ward adjacent to Kurasini ward. According to community members, floods in Keko have a small impact in terms of loss of life, but they do often fear the destruction of property. They believe that if waste materials were removed from the stream and its depth increased, damages could be effectively minimized.