Mapping period:July 14th until August 12th 2015
Surface area:3.93 km2
Flood prone area:0.51 km2 (13%)
Population (2012 census):85,735
Total number of buildings:16,349
Buildings at risk of flooding:1,519, of which are school or hospital buildings.
Description and recommendations:In Mabibo, parts of the Mabibo Relini and Mabibo Farasi subwards (which are adjacent to Tabata) are affected by the Kibangu river. The Kibangu river runs through the western, southwestern and southern parts of the ward, between Ubungo and Mburahati wards, affecting all residential buildings along the river. The river valley does not contain waste materials that block water, but many settlements have been built are very close to the river, causing them to flood when the river overflows during heavy rains.In Jitegemee subward, two drains that intersect downstream (in Azimio subward) affect the area during the rainy season as they contain a lot of waste materials and are very shallow. People living around the area came up with a mechanism for dealing with the situation by dumping waste material onto the edges of the drains to elevate its walls, thereby increasing depth. This approach seems to work, but it is an approach that causes health and hygiene concerns and should be replaced by a better alternative.