Three Hundred Students to Map for Flood Resilience in Dar es Salaam

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and Ramani Huria, supported by the World Bank and partners are launching a brand-new adventure with Ardhi University today! Three hundred Urban Planning and Geomatics students from Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam are participating in a community mapping project in July and August. We will be mapping in 35 wards of the city, with an emphasis on the data needed to improve flood resilience. With the increasing impact of climate change and urbanization, urban flooding increasingly disrupts and threatens the lives of people in Dar es Salaam.…Read more

Ramani Huria volunteers support #HapaUsafiTu

Independence Day and Republic Day in Tanzania falls on the 9th of December, typically a day off work with many people gathering at the National Stadium to watch parades match in front of the President. Dances are performed and a torch is carried up Mount Kilimanjaro, symbolising liberty and self-determination of the nations in Africa. However, in 2015, for the first time, the day will be celebrated in a very different way. Recently elected, President Magufuli declared that celebrations of Independence Day and Republic Day would be a chance for all citizens of…Read more

Community Mapping has a Long-lasting Impact in Tandale

Ward Executive Officer for Tandale Mr Osiligi Lossai CREDIT: Ramani Huria The ward of Tandale was one of the first wards in Dar es Salaam to benefit from community mapping and be comprehensively mapped on OpenStreetMap.  Ramani Huria recently spoke to Ward Executive Officer for Tandale Mr Osiligi Lossai about how they are using the data and maps provided to the ward following the completion of mapping. Map of Tandale created through community mapping: download here CREDIT: Ramani Huria  Dar es Salaam experienced a rare cholera outbreak in August 2015, and it is…Read more

Community Mapping can greatly contribute to the development of Dar es Salaam

Mchikichini ward community member Mr Monday Antony CREDIT: Ramani Huria Mr. Monday Antony is a 66-year-old Tanzanian, living in Mchikichini ward, Ilala District, Dar es Salaam. He participated in “Community Mapping for Flood Resilience”, and talked to Steven Bukulu (mapping supervisor for Ramani Huria) about the flooding in many areas of Dar es Salaam. “The population has decreased in the low altitude areas since the last tragic incident of floods that happened in 2013, which got all houses submerged in water. Due to the loss and damage of property, many of these people…Read more