Maps are presented to community members in Kigogo (left) and Vingunguti (right) wards PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria

Closing community forums took place in four wards of Dar es Salaam on Friday 9th of October. Mapping was completed in the wards of Kigogo; Manzese; Vingunguti; Mzimuni.

Four wards prior to mapping, clockwise from top-left: Kigogo; Manzese; Vingunguti; Mzimuni.  PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria

The four wards were mapped during September and October by students (from University of Dar es Salaam & Ardhi University), volunteers from the Red Cross, and community members from each ward. 

The closing community forums were attended by representatives of each ward, community members, students, and others involved in the mapping process.

Discussions on the use of maps in Manzese ward PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria

The community forums provided a space for those involved in the mapping process to discuss their experiences. Community members and ward officers also discussed the possible uses for maps in the future, especially with regarding flooding and sanitation. 

Four wards on OpenStreetMap following mapping, clockwise from top-left: Kigogo; Manzese; Vingunguti; Mzimuni  PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria

The four wards all went from having very basic maps to highly accurate and sophisticated maps of each ward, including information about: roads; buildings; drainage; and key points of interest such as hospitals, religious buildings, hotels, shops.

Community members and ward representatives in Mzimuni ward receive maps and certificates of participation  PHOTO CREDIT: Ramani Huria

Maps and data for each of the wards are freely available on the Ramani Huria website, and on OpenStreetMap. It is hoped that the community within the ward (as well as those in the wider international OSM community) will continue to ensure the maps are up to date, ensuring the maps provide the data needed to make planning decisions, especially relating to flood resilience. 

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