Mnyamani is an administrative boundary of Ilala ward of Dar es Salaam region, Tanzania. Mnyamani is a new administrative ward which was formerly a part of Buguruni and Vingunguti wards, so there is no official population data of the ward. Mnyamani consists of four subwards i.e. Mnyamani, Mjimpya, Faru, and Maruzuku.

Mnyamani is heavily affected by floods as the area is slightly lower than its surroundings. Consequently, water flows from surrounding areas and accumulates in the area. The area is equipped with shallow road drains and ditches which are insufficient in coping with heavy stormwater.

Ramani Huria mapped the ward and facilitated community meetings aiming at identifying important assets in the wars and the risks associated. After mapping the team produced maps and shared them back with the community leaders followed by a training on how the maps can support them in planning and responding to floods