Kunduchi is an administrative ward in the Kinondoni district of the Dar es Salaam Region of Tanzania. According to the 2012 census, the ward has a total population of 75016. Kunduchi is along the coast which is susceptible to fluvial floods. Kunduchi is also heavily affected by the rise of sea level, causing coastal erosion, where the waves have advanced for about 200m over the past 50 years.

Kunduchi consists of five subwards, which are Kilongamiwa, Kondo, Mtongani, Pwani and Tegeta, and the Ramani Huria team conducted community meetings on all these subwards to identify important assets and threats related to flooding. On 3rd December 2019, map shareback session was conducted and the produced maps were shared with ward leaders to support them in their planning and mitigation of flood impact.