Kijitonyama is an administrative ward in the Kinondoni district of the Dar es Salaam Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 47,096. 

In Kijitonyama ward there are many buildings built over water streams or very close to the waterways. Residential buildings being built close to streams blocking water passage and leading to increased risk of flooding.

Kijitonyama consists of eight subwards ( Alimaua A, Alimaua B, Bwawani, Kijitonyama, Mpakani A, Mpakani B, Mwenge, Nzasa). We conducted community meetings on all these wards to identify important assets and threats to these neighbourhoods, then we produced maps as a final output. The maps were shared back to ward leaders in December 2019 followed by a training on how to read and use those maps