Upanga East is an administrative ward in the Ilala District of the Dar es Salaam Region of Tanzania. According to the 2002 census, the ward has a total population of 7,385. The ward consists of three subwards i.e. Kibasila, Kitonga and Kombo. The ward is home to many embassies including the embassy of the Italian republic, Japan, Burindi etc. Also, the Aga Khan hospital is in Upanga west.

Just like Upanga West, despite being one of the built-up and high-class areas, most of the houses are exposed to flooding as the ward close to the Msimbazi river basin and people tend to build big enclosures that block the drain system.

Upanga have are highly flooded due to the fact that they lie almost at the same level as the sea and hence in case of slight sea surcharges, they are the most vulnerable. Also, most of Upanga area is paved and hence it generates much run-off during rainfall that increases flood to the area.

Ramani Huria team sat with ward leaders of Upanga to identify flood risks and overlay them on the map with important community asset. The maps were produced and shared back with the community to support them in decision making and preparation of disaster management plans of their wards.