Mapping period: July 13th until August 12th 2015
Surface area: 1.57 km2
Flood prone area: 0.29 km2 (18%)
Population (2012 census): 63,352
Total number of buildings: 8,043
Buildings at risk of flooding: 1668, of which 1 is a school building
Description and recommendations: With the China river cutting across the ward, most of the buildings along the river are detrimentally affected by flooding. This is especially true in Kwa Jongo, Mianzini, Sisi kwa sisi and Kimamba subwards. The main issue to be addressed to prevent flooding within Makurumla is the improper dumping of waste materials, causing river water blockage and the redirection of water to flow into residential areas.


Makurumla ward before mapping Source: OpenStreetMap

Makurumla ward before mapping

Makurumla ward after mapping Source: OpenStreetMap

Makurumla ward after mapping