Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team 2018 Summit in Tanzania

Tanzania has been selected for this year's location for the annual HOT Summit. The HOT summit will be be joining FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam to bring together together international speakers for a three day conference discussing key developments and projects across the open data and mapping world. The Ramani Huria will be showcasing the impact of our community mapping initiatives on building a more flood resilient city. Book your tickets now and submit your talk proposals at:  Read more

Maptime Tanzania is back! Join us for the first Maptime event of 2017. Be part of a team of students, volunteers, and mapping experts identifying important community features on the OpenStreetMap of Shinyanga district. This will help PEPFAR to establish the most critical locations for HIV and AIDS services.Read more

Maptime Tanzania

Join us for the last Maptime Tanzania event of 2015 at Buni Innovation Hub!Read more

Maptime Tanzania

Join the Ramani Huria team for a day of mapping at the Buni Innovation Hub!Read more

Maptime Tanzania

Join us for the next Maptime Tanzania event at Buni Innovation Hub!Read more

Maptime Tanzania

Join the Ramani Huria team at the University of Dar es Salaam for the next Maptime event!  Read more

State of the Map Tanzania

On the 8th-10th December, in partnership with Crowd2Map Tanzania and the Tanzania Youth Mappers, the Ramani Huria team, Humanitarian OpenStreetmap Team (HOT), Tanzania Development Trust, Mapbox, MAPS.ME and Tanzania Data lab(Dlab) will be hosting the first-ever State of the Map event in Tanzania. State of the Map events are held annually in many countries where there are large OpenStreetMap communities, but this event will be a first for Tanzania. So far, over 150 people have registered for the event from over 10 countries. University students, YouthMappers, Community Mappers, Researchers, Government Officials, and NGO…Read more

Tanzania Data Tamasha

Data Tamasha will take place at the Tanzania Data Lab (dLab) and will be co-hosted by the Data Collaboratives for Local Impact (DCLI) partners: Data for Local Impact Innovation Challenge, Data Zetu, and the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. The event will bring together the DCLI partners and other data stakeholders including Government, Donors, CSOs and private sector representatives. The Ramani Huria team will be joining this event through invitation from dLab, where we will be showcasing the project’s tangible data, while promoting greater networking and sharing our experience and inspiring data…Read more

Maptime – World AIDS Day 2017

To raise awareness of World AIDS Day 2017, the Ramani Huria team will be hosting a Maptime event concentrating on mapping remote buildings and roads in Geita District in the Mara region around Lake Victoria.Read more

Tanzania GIS Day

This year, Tanzania GIS Day will be taking place at Ardhi University with the theme, “GIS and ICT for Expanding Business Horizons”. The event will be attended by a number of companies and institutions each showcasing their work and the solutions they can provide using GIS and ICT. Ramani Huria will be participating in the event alongside organisations such as InfoBridge, ArboGis, Ardhi University, Esri Eastern Africa, University of Turku-Finland, Geolink Limited and University of Dar es Salaam. Ramani Huria booth at Tanzania GIS DayRead more